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Easy Entrie
Smartcard Deluxe
Without traditional key blanks ! From original to duplicate in a few minutes…..With the profile-cutting-unit easy entrie you can cut the profile of special keys yourself. The easy entrie consists of a measuring unit, which measures the customers key profile, so that the cylinder keyway can be determined. A milling unit mills a special profile into the Rohlex, to fit into the cylinder. Both units are built in a very compact case (12 x 12 inches).Easy Entrie Smartcard Deluxe is a high end RFID card and fob duplication machine designed for locksmiths. It duplicates most access control cards, fobs and Buttons / Smart keys on the market by simply presenting the existing card to the machine. The machine reads the chip and then you copy it by presenting the special Smartcard Deluxe card / fob to the machine. In two seconds, you now have a copied card or fob!Smartcard Deluxe