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Transponder keys

The biggest change to the automotive industry in recent times has been the introduction of the built in immobilise system on all cars manufactured since 1995 (late ’94 in some cases). This involves placing a microchip in the head of the key, which is a miniature transmitter and receiver. There is an engine management system in the engine compartment that can recognise the signals transmitted from the key. If the correct signals are not detected the engine will not start.


Electronic chip:
a chip inside the head of the key transmits a signal to the car when the key is inserted in the ignition.

Mechanical element:
key is cut as per traditional key.

How does the Microchip work?


An electronic chip with a permanent memory which contains an ELECTRONIC CODE. The transponder has an antenna with which it can interface with an external electronic control device.
Through the antenna the device emits a fixed frequency signal; the transponder receives the signal and then transmits its electronic code, by means of special frequency modulations, to the control device, which is able to process the code.

The transponder has no external input of power supply (passive system); it receives the energy necessary to work from the signal emitted by the external control device (inductive coupling between the control device antenna and that of the transponder).

Can we copy all transponders?

No, but the vast majority of cars on the road today have fixed code transponder keys which we can copy.

RW2 Transponder Device

RW2 – Stand Alone

RW2 is a device designed for reading, identifying, copying and writing keys with transponders, a powerful capability which is extremely simple to use.

It can memorise up to 99 codes and the memory can be zeroed and reprogrammed. As the device is portable it can be taken directly to the vehicle. It operates on a re-chargeable battery with autonomy of 6/8 hours. The device can be updated through a Personal Computer without the need to replace internal components.

RW2 & Silca Transponder Program

RW2 runs a STLM device. RW2 is designed to work also in connection with a Personal Computer. It detects, reads and copies keys with transponders. With the dedicated software program, Silca Transponder Program, codes can be generated so that working keys can be made even if the original is not available*. The Silca Transponder Program makes it possible to file an unlimited number of codes, memorise information on the make and type of vehicle and the key-cutting data provided by the program, and add information relating to the vehicle owner itself. The software is constantly updated and the device can in any case be used at any time in the stand alone mode.