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Easy Entrie

Are you able to produce the desired keys immediately?

New easy entrie V8 – with many useful improvements.

We offer the key to the future:

Can’t find the proper key blanks?
Start cutting key profiles yourself! with this profile-cutting-unit

  • quick
  • easy
  • inexpensive

Without traditional key blanks ! From original to duplicate in a few minutes…..

With the profile-cutting-unit easy entrie you can cut the profile of special keys yourself.

The easy entrie consists of a measuring unit, which measures the customer’s key profile, so that the cylinder keyway can be determined.

A milling unit mills a special profile into the Rohlex, to fit into the cylinder. Both units are built in a very compact case (12 x 12 inches).

On the left you can see an example of the original profile and a speed-profile. The speed-profile will fit into the cylinder although it differs from the original key.

Fully automatic the speed profile will cut into the Rohlex on both sides. Now you can take the Rohlex and cut it in any traditional cylinder key cutting machine.

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