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With an estimated break-in every sixty seconds, good security is no longer an extra for your home, but a necessity! Your local MLA Trade Division Approved Company has a range of security devices available and will be able to advise you on the type of locking system for your property. Ask him to check your windows, especially those at the back of the house or accessible from a flat roof. Locks are available for all types of window and act as a visible deterrent to the opportunist thief.

Patio door are another entry point, so ask your locksmith which is the best additional locks. Tools from your garden shed can be used to help someone break in more easily; a hasp and staple with a strong padlock is advisable.

Finally, your local MLA Trade Division Approved Company can always help out in emergencies – for example if you lock yourself out of your home or even your safe. For the name of your nearest Master Locksmiths Association member, or to authenticate a locksmiths claiming to be a member, telephone 0800 7831498 or visit