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Burglary Prevention

It is very important to cover every aspect of security. Burglaries and robberies are a constant threat. Security planning and carrying out methods of prevention is the best way to reduce the risk to your property.

Whilst you should ensure that you have suitable locks fitted on all appropriate doors and windows, other factors should be considered and precautions made to ensure your premises are not at risk.

  • Detached houses or premises are more at risk because they are often secluded and occupants of neighbouring premises may not be able to hear burglars at work.
  • Premises near the end of streets, backing onto alleyways, parks and fields are at a high risk because of the ease of access.
  • Lock all doors and windows when you leave the premises. Pay attention to the back of the property – a popular entry point for burglars.
  • Keep your garden shed locked at all times. Tools kept in such places are useful to the thief who wants to gain entry.
    Don’t leave ladders lying around, padlock them to something secure.
  • Don’t leave a window open a few inches for ventilation.
    Make sure your property is well lit – if the property is left vacant for an evening leave the light on in a room that can be viewed with the curtains drawn.
  • Don’t leave the curtains/blinds drawn during daytime.
    Take precautions when going away on holiday – secure all doors and windows, inform your neighbour, cancel all deliveries, ask your neighbour to remove any showing post in your letter box and cut your lawn.

By taking quite simple inexpensive precautions you can deter the would be intruder(s). It is useful to remember that 90 per cent of burglaries are opportunistic. And over 20 per cent of commercial properties suffer a break-in each year.