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Alarms, CCTV & Access control

We offer a wide range of alarms, access controls and CCTV systems to suit everything from small private properties to commercial installations, with systems designed and fitted to your own individual specified requirements.

Intruder alarms are the first defence against break-in and their presence is an effective deterrent. Digital or key operated systems can be supplied together with detection devices including:-

  • Contact Switches
  • Passive Infra Red Detectors
  • Vibration Detectors

Access Control Systems
Access control systems remove the need to replace locks and key when the systems have been compromised giving you control of who goes where and when.

Types of systems fitted include the following variations:-

  • Swipe Cards
  • Proximity Fobs
  • Pin Number
  • Key Pads
  • Infra Red

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
Closed circuit systems can be supplied and fitted in a variety of styles to suit your property. In addition to stand-alone systems we can supply centrally monitored systems where any criminal activity can be acted on promptly.

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