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Types of Safes:-

  • Wall Safes
  • Under Floor Safes
  • Free Standing Safes
  • Security Cupboards
  • Data Fire Safes
  • Document Fire Safes
  • Microfilm Fire Safes
  • Gun Cabinets


Fire resistant cabinets – we can supply an extensive range of fire resistant safes and filing cabinets for storing important documents, paperwork and computer data.






Gun cabinets – we can supply a range of gun cabinets to suit specific needs in terms of size and capacity as well as to comply with Home Office regulations.







Cash boxes – We can supply a range of secure Cash and Deed boxes varying in terms of price and security depending on preference.  We keep a selection in store, but if you would like one that we don’t stock then there is a good chance we can order it from our suppliers.





Wall safes – We stock a range of wall safes capable of being installed into cavity walls, which are specifically designed to not draw attention, and is very easy to conceal unlike traditional safes.




Free Standing safes and Security cabinets -Cash safes are ideal for both small businesses and the home. These safes are built to a high standard of engineering and incorporate the most up-to-date devices for the protection of cash, jewellery and documents.




The demand for secure storage facilities is growing at a very fast rate. Protecting valuables at home is becoming as important as security in commercial premises.

Insurers are likely to require their customers to buy a safe as part of their insurance agreement and terms, and usually demand that a safe is securely anchored, which we are very capable of.