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Below is a rough breakdown of the main locks on the market, and what their different features mean to you.


Types of Locks:

  • Night latch (also known as the Yale lock)

These generally consist of a single latch and serve to keep the door closed.  They are not the main source of security on your front door, that comes from the mortice lock, which we shall look at in the next section.  If you are concerned somebody has the keys to your rim lock, then replacing the cylinder is often a cheap and secure option for you. 


  • Deadlocks (also known as the mortice lock or Chubb lock)

This is a very important lock, and plays a crucial role in securing a door.  It often consists of a single key operated bolt.  It is important to lock this whenever you’re leaving the property unattended.  The deadlock is morticed into the door, as opposed to the rim lock which is surface mounted. 




  • Sash locks

Sash locks are a hybrid of the rim lock and the deadlock.  They too are morticed into the door, like the deadlock, however they have a handle-operated latch, so the door can be closed, in a similar way to the rim lock, however like the deadlock it is vital to lock this if you are leaving your property for any length of time.



  • Multipoint

Multipoint locks are found on UPVC doors and are more complicated to replace than any of the above locks.  If you are able to bring one into our shop, we should be able to either supply you with a new one over the counter, or failing that order in a multipoint lock for you from our supplier, providing of course that it isn’t a discontinued product.  If you have any queries regarding multipoint locking systems, then please feel free to contact us, although we will most probably ask you to bring it to our store for us to get you the best replacement.



Below is a list of other types of locks that we stock, and should we not have the product you are looking for, more often than not we can order it in for next day delivery.

  • Escape locks
  • Sliding door locks
  • Horizontal locks
  • Bathroom locks
  • Combination locks
  • Metal door locks
  • Panic locks
  • Padlocks

If you require any additional information please contact us where you’ll be able to speak to a highly trained and experienced engineer/advisor.