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We offer a wide ranges of safes for private and commercial use in various sizes and prices.  These safes can be fitted in a cupboard, to a shelf, under a desk or simply bolted to a solid floor or wall, protecting your valuables and important documents from opportunist type break-ins.

There are different types to choose between, such as the traditional dial combination, key opearted, or even the more modern digital type safe, whatever best suits your needs.

Insurance ratings for safes fall between between £2,000 and £20,000 cash rating.

Choosing the right safe

There are three main areas to consider when selecting a safe;

1. Grade
Not only do safes vary in size, they also vary in the degree of protection they offer against attack, as well as damage from fire or water.  This protection is referred to as the grade.  Each Grade is awarded an ‘Overnight Cash Rating’ by insurance companies.  The rating used for jewellery and other valuables is up to 10 times the cash rating.  The recommended ratings are those normally awarded to the safe, however it is important that you first check with your insurance company since there are a number of factors that can affect the Overnight Cash Rating, such as the type of premises, location, positioning of the safe and other security measures may all make a difference.

2. Size
Each of the different grades of safe comes in a number of different sizes, so that you can have the best option available when deciding how much you want your safe to be able to hold, and the space you have available to fit the safe.

3. Locking Options
All safes come with a key operated lock as standard. However you also have the option of having a dial or a digital locking system as well. It is down to your own personal preference which one you choose, for example some customers don’t like having a key lock safe because the key is instantly recognisable and can draw unwanted attention, however other customers are concerned with remembering another set of numbers to open the safe, and when they add that to any important numbers they have to remember such as alarm codes, credit and debit card pins, phone numbers etc, they feel a key is the best solution.